John Shackleton: The Secrets of Motivation

Why some people are more successful in what they do?  Where success come from?  What are the secrets of motivation?

Organisations spend a large percentage of training budgets teaching a variety of communication and sales skills but few people know how to instill the self confidence that helps them to get things done, achieve their goals and clinch deals.

Fancy motivational theories don’t help when we have just had five failures in a row. What does help is good levels of self esteem, disciplined thinking, goal clarity, mental focus and the ability to visualise the success we want.

With a background in Sports Psychology, speaker John Shackleton speaks on the subject of achieving more with our employees and within our organisations.

Sports coaches use a very different approach to helping their charges improve their performance and business can learn a great deal from this.

The 2-min trailer:

The full-length video of 30-min of John’s speech at the Speakers Connect Showcase Event

John Shackleton | Motivation @ Speakers Connect from Speakers Connect on Vimeo.

John Shackleton is a speaker of Speakers Connect.  Contact us at info@speakersconnect for more information.