John Shackleton: Top Sales People Aren't Normal!

John Shackleton, renowned motivational speaker, thinks that “Top Sales People Aren’t Normal!” Check out his new video here.

John Shackleton

In his youth John failed to succeed as a sportsman always missing out by fractions of a second and never quite reaching international standard but this failure led him to become involved in Professional Coaching and eventually to study Sports Psychology. His personal failure and subsequent enlightenment have shaped his business life, his sporting life and his speaking career and have helped him achieve great success in all three areas.

In the 90′s he coached a number of world class sports men and women including the British Triathlon Team and he still works with a few internationals today but he achieved his own sporting success late in life. It was low self esteem that held him back and stopped him becoming an international swimmer in his teens. A huge inferiority complex consistently denied him the triumph he deserved but studying sports psychology helped him to overcome this. At the age of 50 John swam life time personal best times and achieved three top 10 places at the World Masters Swimming Championships in Italy 2004.

He still competes today and believes that much of his success in life comes from the lessons he has learnt from his sport. He applied the techniques and ideas gleaned from Sports Psychology to his business life too, building a number of very successful businesses including the UKs largest training company of it’s kind. He became a business coach to many CEOs and senior executives within his blue chip clients and was in very high demand as a keynote speaker all over Asia, Europe and the US.

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