Jonathan Pacifici, Israel-based Venture Capitalist, Joins Speakers Connect

Israel-based Venture Capitalist Jonathan Pacifici joined us at Speakers Connect! Jonathan is the Chairman of the World Jewish Economic Forum and General Partner of Wadi Ventures. He has a wealth of knowledge to share on how countries and companies can learn from the “Startup Nation”- Israel.


Jonathan Pacifici

Jonathan Pacifici is a Venture Capitalist, Enterpreneur, Bible and Talmud Scholar and Community Leader.

Jonathan was born in Rome in 1978 into an ancient Italian Jewish family with a strong tradition of community service. In 1982 Jonathan survived to the terror attack at the Synagogue of Rome. This tragic event strenghtened his commitment to the Jewish Community and the State of Israel. At the age of 19 he moved to Israel. After his Management studies, Jonathan started a career in the booming Israeli high tech sector first as a consultant and later as Venture Capitalist and entrepreneur.

Jonathan is Chairman of the World Jewish Economic Forum, General Partner of Wadi Ventures, Board Member at The Cambdridge Management Consulting Labs, Your Future and several startup companies. A Bible and Talmud Scholar (his weekly Italian newsletter on is followed by thousands), he is also a Community Leader and opinion maker within the Italian Jewry both in Israel and Italy.

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