JP Kuehlwein: The Importance of Story Telling in Marketing

JP Kuehlwein

Marketing expert, JP Kuehlwein talks about how brands are moving from giving us the classic ‘Reasons To Believe’ (RTB) to ‘Stories To Believe’ in. It’s part of their efforts to seduce rather than sell.

JP KuehlweinJan-Patrick (JP) Kuehlwein is a recognized strategy expert, global brand builder and accomplished marketing leader.   JP has a 20 plus year track record of successfully translating consumer and branding insights into transformational propositions that win in the market. His broad experience spans from introducing a new-to-the-world food wrap to the US or disposable diapers to developing markets in Asia, to developing a global communication strategy for the world’s leading detergent and portfolio strategies for in the Beauty- and Lifestyle categories for the world’s largest advertiser.

JP currently serves as Managing Director of Global Strategy & Innovation at Procter & Gamble and was, until January 2016, Executive Vice President of Frédéric Fekkai, a global prestige brand and fully owned subsidiary of Procter and Gamble. He is also an External Director of Smith & Norbu, a Hong Kong-based luxury optical frame maker.

JP has co-authored the bestselling “Rethinking Prestige Branding – Secrets of the Ueber-Brands” (Kogan Page, 2015), which is quickly becoming a marketers reference book. It analyses the success drivers behind some one hundred premium brands across industries. With his co-author Wolf Schaefer, JP advocates to put ‘myth back into marketing’ to ‘seduce rather than sell’ for a brand to be esteemed beyond size, price or performance. JP is regularly involved in public speaking and teaching across industries and markets in English, French or German language. His blog and podcast ‘Ueber-Brands’ and related events are sought-after by brand builders and marketing leaders around the world.

Based out of New York City, JP is on the advisory board and a guest lecturer at the Masters Program in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT, NY), an advisory board member of the CMO Council and a trustee of the Marketing Science Institute (MSI, Boston).

JP‘s presentation topics include:

  • Rethinking Prestige Branding – Secrets of Ueber-Brands
  • Mission, Myth and “Truth”- Or – How to Make Your Brand Priceless
  • Modern Marketing and the Need for ‘Truth’ (aka ‘authenticity’)
  • Modern Marketing and the Need for Mission and Myth
  • To Seduce Consumers – Re-Mystify Marketing!
  • Prestige Brand Growth – How to Grow without losing your Glow
  • How an Apple, Berluti, Cirque du Soleil or Dyson make us ‘happily pay a fortune’?
  • Modern Prestige Retailing – Manifestation of Mission, Myth and Mojo.
  • The Art of Seduction in Prestige Marketing – Or – How to strike the fine balance between Inclusivity and Exclusivity.
  • Ueber-Branding – Or how to Seduce rather than Sell for Sustained Success
  • Ueber-Branding – Or how to imbue your brand with meaning to matter.
  • The Meaning of Innovation – Sustainable Growth for Premium Brands

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