Keith Coats speaking on Adaptive Leadership

Leadership expert, Keith Coats, spoke on Adaptive Leadership – and why it is particularly important in the business environment now.

But what about those situations where the solutions are unclear, or even unknown. Even more difficult: what about those situations where the problem (or set of problems) is not clear? In this environment, authoritative experts can actually do untold damage. In these environments, we need adaptive leaders.

Heifetz makes these points about adaptive leaders: The point of “adaptive” leadership is to do for an organisation what adaptation does in nature. In nature, a successful adaptation results in an organism being able to thrive in a challenging and changing environment. Survival is not enough. Organisms that are merely surviving will die the moment the environment becomes a little challenging. To survive, you must thrive. You can then handle challenge and stress by quickly developing a new adaptability in order to maintain itself in that stressed environment. In nature, there are three main tasks for adaptation: what DNA will we keep; what DNA will we discard; what innovation do we need to deal with the change around us. This is a metaphor for what leaders need to do today.

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Keith Coats

Keith Coats is an internationally respected leadership expert, author, speaker and facilitator. He has worked with both leaders and their executive teams in numerous international blue chip companies. He is the author of ‘Everything I know about leadership I learnt from the kids’ (Penguin) and his leadership articles have been published in a variety of local as well as international publications and journals. Keith has formally researched leading teams through organisational change and has experience in facilitating both strategic processes and mergers.

Keith is a sought after international keynote presenter in the area of strategic leadership in the new world of work. Keith brings a relaxed, conversational style to the podium where he presents cutting edge thinking to those present. Keith uses multi-media as a key tool in his presentations to challenge, shock and inspire audiences with his engaging content and delivery.

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