Ken Hughes: New Shopper Behaviour Presentations (II) – Shopper Marketing

Ken Hughes, Europe’s leading Consumer and Shopper Behaviouralist, introduces his new shopper behaviour presentation: Shopper Marketing.

The 3 key learnings:

  1. Why Shopper Centricity is no longer a choice for consumer goods organisations but an ethos to embrace
  2. How Shopper Marketing finally delivers the win-win that Category Management and Trade Marketing never did
  3. What pitfalls await smart organisations as they prepare to focus their strategy on Shopper (and how best to avoid them)

ken hughes
You can read the presentation Shopper-Marketing here.

Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes is Europe’s leading Consumer & Shopper behaviouralist. He is a global thought leader in the areas of shopper psychology, consumer behaviour, shopper insight, demand-led retail technology and biometric shopper research.

He is a part-time lecturer in Consumer Behaviour in University College Cork, and a regularly invited keynote speaker on the international industry conference circuit. His interests extend to neuromarketing and behavioural economics, with particular focus on their application to shopper motivation theory. Over the past 12 years, as founder and CEO of Glacier Consulting, he has pioneered developments in shopper behaviour insight, particularly in the fields of ethnography, endomethodology and biometric shopper research.

His presentations are inspirational, energetic and humorous, full of relevant case studies and Irish wit. His expertise, together with strong practical knowledge from his consultancy experience in Category Management and Shopper Marketing, results in a strong client base across retailers, suppliers and third party agencies.

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