Kevin Kelly Released his New Book: Do!

International Speaker Kevin Kelly draws from over two decades of intensive research to highlight what makes Xceptional businesses and their leaders succeed beyond all odds. DO! will show you how to overcome idea killers, make your message cut through attention deficits, build friendships, not customer relationships, understand and move through fear and grow your business to new heights.

Kevin will be in Asia in March and May 2014.

Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is a leading authority on the success principles of entrepreneurship, leadership, sales and motivation.

Raised among a small entrepreneurial family retail business, he has been selling and negotiating, listening to and serving customers from a very young age. After graduating from University College Galway with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1987, he proceeded to break sales record in each of the companies he worked for in the construction and manufacturing industries. In 1990 he started his company, Advanced Marketing Ltd.

He’s always been fascinated by what makes people tick, little surprise then that he is now seen as a human behavior expert. Kevin coined the phrase “Xceptionalize”, which challenges organisations and individuals to focus upon the exceptional execution of those activities that really contribute the most to success.

Upon initially discovering academic research studies that showed 88% of company breakthroughs were the result of exceptional execution of an ordinary idea, Kevin has single-mindedly explored this remarkably simple idea. DO!, the book, is the culmination of his life experiences, client work and keynote insights, highlighting the thinking behind those who live and breathe the exceptional execution mindset and approach to business and life.

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