Larry Hochman: Service and Loyalty in the Digital Age

Relationship Economics expert, Larry Hochman, thinks that in this digital age, one of your most valuable assets is your loyal customers, and you should never let them down…

Larry Hochman

Hear what he says:


What matters most?
FACT: The biggest drivers of profitability are your most loyal customers.
How do your measure their success? How do you know what really matters to them? Do they share your values? Would they recommend you? If yes, why yes? If not, why not? More important, do they trust you? Closer makes you smarter. How close are you to really understanding what they want and need in order to deliver it over and over and over again? Are you close enough to understand what’s most relevant to their future success?
True collaboration is teaming up with your partners and your customers in a new world of RELATIONSHIP ECONOMICS.
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About Larry Hochman

Larry Hochman is one of the most popular keynote speakers in the world.
He is a globally recognized expert on Customer Relationships, Corporate Culture, Leadership, Talent Management and The Future of HR.

Larry Hochman spent 10 years in Senior Management roles with British Airways and the loyalty management company, Air Miles, in both New York and London. His roles included Director of Customer Service and separately, Director of People and Culture – he being the first person in Britain to hold this title. Since 1998, he has been running his own speaking, mentoring, and consulting business. Larry is ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR KEYNOTE SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD and has now delivered nearly 500 SPEECHES in 60 COUNTRIES and has spoken ON EVERY CONTINENT.

Alongside his numerous speaking engagements all over the world, Larry, who pioneered corporate mentoring work in the U.K. at Air Miles, is personal mentor to several Chief Executives.

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