Larry Hochman: Transformational Leadership in a Changing Environment

Business Speaker Larry Hochman just did a speech and a workshop for 63 Microsoft Country Managers in London with the working title: Transformational Leadership in a Changing Environment. This particular focus is in great demand by our clients in 2014.

Larry Hochman

Testimonials of Larry:

“Your startling appraisal of the way business is likely to change in the next few years was sobering and thought provoking. This is exactly what is needed to help our business managers ‘think outside the box’ about ways in which their own markets may change and how they can adapt themselves to exploit the opportunities that presents. At the same time your messages in so many different ways fit well with the overall ‘Think Customer’ theme for this year’s Forum.”
Chief Executive, Siemens

“What was best was Larry’s ability to customize his remarks to our specific circumstances and the way he made it sound so natural. He met our expectations in every way. It was a ‘home run’ for us.”

“Energetic, challenging and strong message, well tailored to our audience. Larry delivered exactly was he was briefed to deliver and had an excellent impact on our conference.”
Reed Exhibitions

“Larry exceeded our expectations, there was an absolute alignment to what we wanted in the content and the delivery.”

“Professional, interesting, held the audience and exceeded our expectations!”
BT Wholesale Markets

“Your presentation at the 28th Telindus Symposium was a very big success and well received indeed…our audience loved it!”
CEO & President, Telindus Group

“Excellent – great speaker, great thoughts”
Harvard PR

Larry Hochman

Larry Hochman is one of the most popular keynote speakers in the world.
He is a globally recognized expert on Customer Relationships, Corporate Culture, Leadership, Talent Management and The Future of HR.

Larry Hochman spent 10 years in Senior Management roles with British Airways and the loyalty management company, Air Miles, in both New York and London. His roles included Director of Customer Service and separately, Director of People and Culture – he being the first person in Britain to hold this title. Since 1998, he has been running his own speaking, mentoring, and consulting business. Larry is ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR KEYNOTE SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD and has now delivered nearly 500 SPEECHES in 60 COUNTRIES and has spoken ON EVERY CONTINENT.

Alongside his numerous speaking engagements all over the world, Larry, who pioneered corporate mentoring work in the U.K. at Air Miles, is personal mentor to several Chief Executives.

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