Lisa Oake, Experienced Asia-based Journalist, Joins Speakers Connect

Welcome Lisa Oake, experienced Asia-based journalist, joining us at Speakers Connect!

Lisa Oake

Lisa Oake

Lisa Oake is a Canadian born journalist with sixteen years of experience covering global economics, business and politics for CNBC. She has moderated conferences for some of the biggest companies in the world including Standard Chartered Bank & Morgan Stanley.

Lisa joined CNBC in 1998 and was co-anchor of the network’s top-rated flagship morning program Squawk Box. Her experience conducting live interviews translates into lively and thought-provoking panel discussions. She is known for asking tough questions so conference attendees feel they have been exposed to fresh perspectives and ideas.

Lisa has interviewed numerous CEOs, central bank governors and heads of state including Indonesia’s Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Thailand’s Abhisit Vejjajiva, New Zealand’s Helen Clarke and Canada’s Kim Campbell.

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