Lord Chris Patten Keynoted at Client Event in London

Lord Chris Patten, the beloved Ex-Governer of Hong Kong and now Chairman of BBC spoke at Ageas’ London Convention on 16 May 2011. The guests were thrilled to see him again in London and everybody was eager for the chance to take a photo with him.

Lord Patten in his keynote speech, has very generously shared his wisdom on how to be successful – the four pillars, he said, include:

– Clarity: Be crystal clear of who you are and what you want

– Courage: Have the courage to see it through and make it happen; and the courage to tell the truth

– Communication: Be able to explain your vision clearly with others

– Know the details: Quoting Former Chinese Premier Zhui RongJi as an example – Even though you are working at a high level, you still need to know the details.

Lord Patten is full of wisdom and charm. After the dinner, he joked that he felt like coming back to Hong Kong, thanks to the overwhelming responses of the audiences.






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