Marc Hauser, World Record-holder, Motivates Your Team

Marc Hauser, world record-holder, is going to motivate your team in many different ways:

– As a world record-holder in extreme parachute jumping, he flew at 304 km/h over an entire city and is therefore the fastest person in horizontal free-fall.
– As a conceptual artist he sold the second most expensive picture at his first exhibition – without really being able to paint.
– As an entrepreneur, he established the naming agency erfolgswelle® Ltd. as a leading agency in Europe – within just six months.

marc hauser

Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser, the motivational speaker for your event.

The impulse speech about courage and motivation.

His strength: IMPLEMENTATION EXPERTISE. Hauser succeeds in filling this dry term with life. He awakens new will power in his audience, he ignites the spark of their own implementation strength.

Understanding the principle of success. Whether extreme sports or business: The principle of reaching your goals remains the same. Hauser shares the little secret of the great big success.

The effect. Fresh motivation and new courage with a long-term effect: Successful self-management becomes tangible and motivates people to perform their own heroic deeds. The audience sees the striving for happiness and success in an expanded context. Audience members take a big step forward on their personal quest for happiness in life. Participants receive an instrument that works easily and makes achieving balance in life easier.

Speech topics

  • Courage and motivation
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Extreme sports, fear, and risk
  • Implementation expertise and will power

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