Marcel Daane, Author of Headstrong Performance, Joins Speakers Connect

Welcome Marcel Daane, author of Headstrong Performance, joining us at Speakers Connect! In the video below Marcel explains how Neuroscience can be used as an effective coaching tool to bridge the many disciplines required in improving athletic performance.

Marcel Daane

Marcel Daane, Recipient of the 2012 Global HR Excellence Award in Leadership, is the CEO of Headstrong Performance, a Singapore based, but globally operating, boutique consulting firm specializing in optimizing performance in organizations, leadership teams, executives, and elite athletes by linking health strategies with neuroscience.

The son of a celebrated political activist, former member of an elite naval intelligence unit with advanced degrees in Neuroscience of Leadership and Complementary Medicine, Marcel knows performance and fully understands the mental and physical requirements to perform at full potential in any arena.

Marcel’s ability to effectively articulate the science behind optimal mental performance in an easy to comprehend and entertaining manner has inspired, and moved, organizations and executives all around the world.

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