Mark Fritz: Micromanagement comes with a speed limit

Mark Fritz

Are you a leader or a micromanager? The difference is whether your team’s speed is theirs or yours…because micromanagement comes with a speed limit.

Micromanage your team and your will never get your people to use their potential, and your team will never be as successful as it could be. So, if micromanaging is so bad (with your team losing speed and not using their potential), why do so many executives still micromanage their teams?

Mark Fritz shared his insights on how micromanagement harms your efficiency in his keynote presentation, and what you can do about it.

Mark FritzMark Fritz is at the forefront of thinking on the habits & behaviours that create successful international business leaders. He shares the power behind the concepts of OUTCOMES & OWNERSHIP, and shows international business leaders how they can apply these concepts to create even greater success for their organisations. Mark is an associate professor at business schools throughout Europe teaching tomorrow’s leaders how to successfully lead across distances and cultures.

“Successful international business leaders think and discuss in OUTCOMES. It’s the Language of Achievement” Mark Fritz

Mark Fritz has vast international experience having lived in Egypt, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, UK and USA. Mark enjoyed twenty-five years in a series of global leadership roles at Eastman Kodak Company, and now leads Procedor, an international consulting company focused on Personal Effectiveness (leading yourself) and Leadership Effectiveness (leading others). He is the author of ‘The Truth About Getting Things Done’, with 42 truths (habits & behaviours) to “Lead Yourself First”. All successful leaders begin with leading themselves first.

Mark Fritz brings a rich blend of cultures and experiences to every event. Mark has successfully combined concepts and best practices from around the world to create an innovative set of ideas and habits to help grow successful international business leaders.

Mark shares thought-provoking insights, stories and examples, and helps international business leaders see the daily and weekly habits that can bring greater success to them and their organisations. You don’t really change until you change something you do daily or weekly, and Mark’s presentations help you see the changes in habits and behaviours that will create the biggest impact for you.

Mark‘s speaking topics are:

  • Why You Never Wash a Rental Car (The Power of Ownership in Leading Across Distances and Cultures)
  • Developing an Outcome Focused Organisation
  • Character Traits and Habits for Successful International Leaders
  • Growing Today’s Global Leaders
  • Leading and Influencing People at a Distance
  • Leading Across Cultures and Time Zones
  • The Truth About Getting Things Done (Leading Yourself First)

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