Mark Gallagher: Lessons from the Fast Lane of Formula One

Mark Gallagher

Mark Gallagher shares risk management lessons from the Fast Lane of Formula One.

For teams competing in Formula 1, risk management comes in various forms: from ensuring the health and safety of drivers, teams and staff, to managing the commercial risks associated with one of the world’s most expensive sports. On top of that, there are the operational risks associated with transporting cars, equipment and staff to twenty destinations around the globe. With three decades of experience in the motor racing industry and having worked at the forefront of Formula One, Mark Gallagher can provide deep insights into risk management.

Mark GallagherMark Gallagher has worked in international motor racing for more than 30 years, 15 of which were in Formula One where he held senior leadership roles within Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing, and Cosworth Engineering.

After seven years covering the sport for international media, he joined Eddie Jordan’s fledgling Grand Prix team in 1990 and later moved onto the team’s management board as marketing director. He became responsible for sponsorship and commercial affairs at Red Bull Racing in 2004 and took over the operation of Cosworth’s Formula One engine business in 2009.

Along the way he founded and now owns his own racing team, Status Grand Prix, which won the 2009 World Cup of Motorsport and competes in Formula One’s feeder categories, GP2 and GP3. In Formula One he runs a business teaching companies key lessons to be learned from the pinnacle of world motor sport, working closely with 13-times Grand Prix winner David Coulthard. October 2014 saw the publication of Mark’s second book, The Business of Winning: Strategic Success from the Formula One track to the Boardroom. Mark Gallagher also makes regular appearances in the media, notably with Sky News and in 2012 is an expert pundit and commentator at F1 events with ESPN Star Sports, broadcasting to 24 countries and 36 million F1 fans in Asia.

With a relaxed, anecdotal and humorous style, Mark gives businesses and organisations a rare insight into what it takes to build winning teams and compete for success at world level.

Mark’s speaking topics include:

  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Motivation
  • Client Centricity
  • Innovation
  • Risk Management / Change Management
  • Brand Marketing
  • Environmental Technologies and Sustainability
  • Globalisation
  • Health and Safety

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