Martin Butler: Winning the war for the modern customer

Martin Butler

Marketing expert and author Martin Butler talks about recent trends in customer behavior, how to be ‘chosen’ by the modern consumer and how to stay afloat in the rapidly changing business landscape.

Drawing on the research from his trilogy of books into the modern customer, Martin encourages his audiences to adapt the corporate mindset needed to create:

  • a winning mentality with associated actions
  • an empowered environment
  • a compelling and sustainable customer proposition.

His entertaining and informative delivery ignites understanding and passion in becoming better equipped regarding the modern customer.

Take a look at the rest of the video to see what Martin means by “emotional edge” why he says “Being customer focused is not enough. You have to be customer obsessed.”

Martin ButlerMartin Butler was born into retailing, so he really knows what it takes to succeed when it comes to the modern customer. Martin is a retailer, a marketer, lecturer and high-end consultant who has worked with many world-famous names and spoken to thousands in conferences, business schools and masterclasses.

Martin spent 3 decades of his career dedicated to understanding the modern customer as he worked in top international agencies and became one of London’s youngest advertising agency owners by launching his own company in the 1980’s.

At present, Martin Butler is most known for his bestselling books “It’s not about us, it’s all about them”, “The art of being chosen”and “People don’t buy what you sell” and regarded as an effective keynote speaker around the world.

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