Matthew Chong Joins Speakers Connect

Matthew Chong

We at Speakers Connect are proud to present Matthew Chong, entrepreneur and international branding and business coach.

Matthew is the founder of Malaysia’s fastest growing local coffee chain store COSANS Coffee and group CEO of BRANDKER — GLobal Tech Investments Co. He is also a multi-awarded young entrepreneur and a keynote speaker who seeks to inspire others with his personal motto of “Be The Light”, to nurture children to become the Light for the next generation.

Matthew Chong Matthew Chong is a International Branding & Business Coach. He is currently the Founder and Group CEO of BRANDKER – Global Tech Investments Co. This Tech Incubator Platform is supported by BRANDKER Academy (Global Entrepreneurs Educator), BRANDKER Consultancy (Global Brand Creator) and BRANDKER Tech (Global Tech Innovator).

In 2014, Matthew was the Top 30 Finalist of the Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards of the Year. In 2015, he was the Top Nominee for the Ernst and Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year. Matthew was also the Founder of Malaysia’s fastest growing local coffee chain store, COSANS Coffee.

Matthew grew up in a challenging, adverse environment, he had to face life with a glimmer of hope. After the passing of his parents at the age of 12, he began working more than 20 different odd jobs. Matthew started his first Optical business with his partner at the age of 19. Driven by his musical talent, Matthew opened his music café, Little Tree Cafe at the age of 25. Passionate about the arts and children, he established his first creative business Little Tree Design Studio and Little Tree Society, to provide education opportunities for underprivileged children.

Little Tree Design Studio was later changed into Big Ideas in 2008, before becoming BRANDKER Consultancy in 2013. At the same time, Matthew was involved in the Blue Ocean Strategy project with UCSI. Matthew worked with clients from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, his previous consultancy projects ranges across Finance, FMCG, FnB, Government Agencies, Hospitality, Medical and Retail etc. Matthew also wrote a children’s book called “The Star of Ribba” to inspire underprivileged children.

Matthew has founded more than 10 different companies. With more than 5 years of academic learning, more than 10 years of branding consultancy experience and 20 years of entrepreneurship journey, he developed exclusive branding & strategy syllabus, a youth entrepreneurship program and ‘The Power of Dreams’ to inspire more people to purse their dreams.

Matthew’s vision is built upon his heart for education, the arts and children. His ultimate goal is to realize MONOTOT City, the City of Arts built on top of a mountain. MONOTOT City is an International Arts Hub that embodies Matthew’s mission to empower ASEAN SMEs to grow globally successful brands; to elevate Malaysia’s arts industry in the global arena and to transform the lives of underprivileged children through education and enhancement of their living standards. Matthew seeks to inspire others with his personal motto of “Be The Light”, to nurture children to become the Light for the next generation.

Matthew‘s speaking topics include:

  • Branding & Business Model Mastermind
  • The Power of Duality Brand Strategy
  • Disruptive Branding & Business Model in the Digital Era
  • Leadership Wisdom
  • The Power of Dreams

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