Michael McQueen – Mastering the art of MOMENTUM

Michael McQueen

Michael McQueen knows all about relevance and growth. He believes that the secret to achieving effortless and enduring growth in any business today is “Mastering the art of Momentum”.

In his new fast-paced compelling keynote presentation, Michael McQueen will talk about:

  • The SCIENCE and ART of momentum – where it comes from and why it makes all the difference when you’ve got it working for you
  • The 5 ENEMIES of momentum – the early warning signs that many leaders and organizations ignore till it’s almost too late
  • The 3 DAILY LEADERSHIP HABITS that create effortless energy in a team or business

Michael emphasizes that it is possible to create an action plan to get back into the groove and stay there, even after you feel like your mojo has disappeared or that your inspiration has evaporated.

Find out what Michael means when he says “We overestimate the impact of our choices in the short-term but underestimate their impact in the long-term” in the video clip below.

Michael McQueenMichael McQueen was named Australia’s Keynote Speaker of the Year and was inducted into the Speakers Halls of Fame in 2015–for very good reasons. Michael understands the rapidly evolving world and has always had his finger on the pulse of business and culture. As a leading specialist in demographic shifts, change management and future trends, Michael McQueen has helped some of the world’s best-known brands navigate change and stay ahead of the curve.

As a keynote speaker, Michael has shared the stage with the likes of Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg and Larry King. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people across 5 continents since 2004 and is known for his high-impact, research-rich and entertaining conference presentations.

He is also regularly featured as a commentator on TV and radio and has written four bestselling books. Michael‘s first book, The ‘New’ Rules of Engagement focuses on strategies for leading and connecting with Generation Y. His newest release, Winning the Battle for Relevance is a revealing look at why even the greatest brands and organisations become obsolete… and how to avoid their fate.

Michael’s topics include:

  • Winning the Battle for Relevance
  • Indisruptable
  • De-Coding Generation WHY
  • The ‘New’ Rules of Engagement
  • Understanding the Generations @ Work
  • Mastering the Art of Momentum

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