Michael McQueen: Winning the Battle for Relevance

Have you ever wondered how it is that iconic brands and great ideas go from prominence to obsolescence while their competitors go from strength to strength? The secret to maintaining growth, vitality and momentum for many years and decades comes down to one thing and one thing only… relevance.

Michael McQueen explores why…

Michael McQueen

Do you ever feel like the pace of change is leaving you behind? What if you were becoming obsolete and didn’t know?

Michael McQueen understands what it takes to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Having dedicated the last eight years to tracking the dominant trends shaping society, business and culture, he has helped some of the world’s best-known brands navigate change and stay in front of the curve.

As a leading specialist in demographic shifts, change management and future trends, Michael features regularly as a commentator on numerous TV and radio programs and has written three bestselling books. His first book, The ‘New’ Rules of Engagement focuses on strategies for leading and connecting with Generation Y. His newest release, Winning the Battle for Relevance is a revealing look at why good ideas and great companies become obsolete and how to avoid their fate.

Michael uses a unique combination of humour, interaction and reflection. He provides audiences with an unsettling insight into how your customers and workforce perceive the world – rather than how you wish they would. Michael’s sessions are highly tailored, ensuring that every audience member leaves equipped with a clear action plan for maintaining growth, vitality and momentum within their business or team.

As a familiar face on the international conference circuit, Michael has shared the stage with Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg and Larry King. With clients including Pepsi, Vodafone and Tupperware, Michael is ideally placed to guide organizations through disorientating change into new chapters of relevance.

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