Michael Podolinsky: Time and Stress Management

Time is LIFE! These amazing words by Dr. Alan Lakein, author of “How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life” instruct us to change everything we are doing. If Time is LIFE, wasting time is wasting our very lives. Spending it on ‘junk food’ when a wholesome buffet of opportunity is before us seems tragic at best. Here are 3 Action Steps to get more out of your life:

Michael_Podolinsky Time and Stress Management Tip #1:

Stop giving your life away to people who do not deserve it. Say “NO” to anything or anyone with requests not aligned with your priorities. This will not make you popular with some people but will greatly improve your quality of life.

Time and Stress Management Tip #2:

Start every day with a detailed To-Do List to ensure your time is not wasted. Otherwise, every text message, email, phone call or interruption becomes your ‘priority’; taking away time and life.

Time and Stress Management Tip #3:

Plan time for planning. No captain of a ship or airplane sets sail or flies without a clear destination in mind and a map of the most efficient route to take. Putting a few minutes into your day to plan your next day can transform your life from hectic and hellish to one that satisfies and soars.

Life is nothing more than time. Throw away your time and you throw away your ….

May 4th an 5th we have our next run of Proactive Time and Stress Management at SIM. For more information, just contact me.

Smile Maker for the week: Who moved?

An elderly couple were driving in their old truck with a flat front seat. They spotted a young couple in a new truck with a similar seat, but the girl was sitting right next to the driver. The elderly woman remarked how romantic it looked and said to her husband, “Remember when we used to sit that close in this old truck?” The husband replied, “Well… I haven’t moved.”

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