Mick Dawson Got Great Reviews for his Motivational Speech

Mick Dawson got great reviews for his motivational speech in Seattle for one of the leading companies in the technology industry. Below is a sample testimonial:


”Micks ability to share his raw experiences about his journey across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans is truly a remarkable feat—he makes it come alive as if you there with him. Determination, teamwork, adaptability, and being bold to try new challenges are what we all learned from Mick’s presentation. To row from Japan to San Francisco is not a dream but an ambition!

Our delegates really enjoyed your presentation and thought you were an excellent Motivational Speaker.”

Leah Carrido, Microsoft Events Manager Seattle U.S.A.

Mick Dawson

In 2009 Mick Dawson skippered the first and only rowing boat too successfully cross the North Pacific Ocean; from Choshi in Japan to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A truly unique and epic voyage of almost 7,000 miles which took him and his rowing partner Chris Martin 189 days 10 hours and 55 minutes to complete. Rowing a gruelling schedule of two hours on two hours off around the clock for six and a half months unsupported, the two men fought their way through everything the greatest ocean on the planet could throw at them.

Mick a former Royal Marine Commando and veteran of the Falklands war spent ten years trying to achieve his goal of completing one of the worlds, ‘Last great firsts’ during which time he also rowed the Atlantic ocean twice and attempted two solo crossing of the North Pacific.

Mick’s presentations are thrilling, compelling and utterly unique covering all aspects of his incredible adventures on both the Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. He tailors each presentation to the specific requirements of his client and their audience.

The story of the 2009 crossing of the North Pacific was broadcast on Discovery Channel in the program; ‘Rowing the Pacific.’

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