Mike Walsh: Clone Wars And Emerging Markets

Our best Futurist Speaker, Mike Walsh, shared his new finding on Clone Wars and the Emerging Markets…mike walsh

From Wall Street to Main Street, exposure to emerging markets have become part of the critical growth story that Western companies need to justify their future earnings. From the earliest days of eBay and Google, to more recent acquisitions by Groupon and Zynga, cash rich technology companies have followed the trend of buying up their counterparts in other markets. So, for local entrepreneurs copying can be a lucrative sport. But will this current phase of ‘cloning’ of Western web concepts continue or will we enter a new phase of homegrown development and innovation? After all – in an age when India’s Tata owns Jaguar, and China’s Geely owns Volvo – could Baidu one day be in a position to grab Google, and Tencent take out Facebook?

Turkey is one market where the clone wars are in full swing. On a recent trip to Istanbul I met with entrepreneur Yunus Guvenen, who started one of Turkey’s first affiliate marketing networks. Given his previous career as a highly successful DJ in New York, it was no wonder that Yunus had an interesting and somewhat musical take on my question. Watch what he said.

Article from Mike Walsh’s Blog

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