Mike Walsh: The Future of the Events Industry

Our Leading Futurist Mike Walsh gave event professionals at PCMA’s Convening Leaders Conference 2014 in Boston an image of the future state of the event industry. Here are some insights written by FreemanXP about Mike and the event…

Mike Walsh

Kudos go out to PCMA for delivering such an engaging speaker for their audience – Walsh did his homework on our industry and produced an eloquent, relevant, visually and mentally stimulating talk. But beyond that session, it’s clear that PCMA has already embraced many of the concepts and tactics proposed by Walsh throughout the conference[…]

Walsh warned against trying to unleash a “mindset transforming experience.” Instead, he suggested using an experience journey map to move the needle. “Instead of focusing on overall key messages,” Walsh explained, “map the pathways that different types of attendees will take through your event, and what they should get out of it.”[…]

Next, Walsh talked about what he referred to as network capital: the idea that companies will compete not only based on “the smart people they attract, but also with the intelligence of the networks that connect them and allow them to collaborate.” The key to Walsh’s message here is the idea of open collaboration.[…]

According to Walsh, social media is not meant to be social promotion. Event marketers should marry events and social to “amplify conversations, investment, and innovation.” Walsh challenged the audience to identify a major challenge for their industry and launch it with a prize at their next event. He suggested bringing in “non-traditional sources of talent and innovation.”[…]

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Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, futurist speaker, author of Futuretainment and CEO of innovation research agency Tomorrow, helps to prepare business leaders for what’s next.

Everything is changing. All the traditional industries we grew up with – media, communication, finance, professional services and retail – are all in the process of being turned upside down and re-invented. The force behind this revolution is not technology but rather consumer behaviour. After all, as interesting as it is when things change, the real magic happens when people do.

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