Mike Walsh: How to Innovate for the Future

Leading Asia Futurist, Mike Walsh , was interviewed by Turkey’s leading economic magazine Turkishtime recently on how to innovation for the future. Below are the five big trends Mike highlighted:

1. 3D Printing – we are on the bring of a new industrial re-revolution as 3D printing makes possible the creation of all kinds of things from airplane parts to human organs on demand. This will change the economics and dynamics of the world’s manufacturing industries.

2. Everything Moves To The Cloud – from media to enterprise software, the Cloud will transform the way we inform, work, communicate and entertain ourselves. For emerging markets, this will be particularly important – as it means you can put cheap mobile devices and tablets linked to powerful web servers and potentially transform industries from healthcare to education.

3. Personalised Medicine – the next big wave in pharmaceuticals will be personal DNA sequencing linked to personalised treatment and diagnosis.

4. Big Data – Data is quickly shifting from being a cost for corporations to becoming its most significant asset. From predicating consumer behaviour to financial markets, big data will be a goldmine for those companies smart enough to see the patterns in the noise

5. Reality Becomes Clickable – with the launch of Google Glasses next year, we will see a fast growing market of computer wearables that will fundamentally change our relationship with the physical world.

Innovation Tactics For The Future

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