Mike Walsh: Topics on the Future

Author of Futuretainment and CEO of innovation research agency Tomorrow, Mike Walsh helps to prepare business leaders for what’s next.

mike walshA leading authority on new media and the digital future. Mike’s unique approach is to scan the near horizon for what’s happening right now, then translate these movements into usable trends. Constantly traveling the world for the best ideas, consumer innovations and disruptive technologies – Mike distills the most relevant insights into tailored keynotes that allow any audience (including technophobes) to not only understand, but also start to influence the future direction of their industry.

Below please find the updated presentations of Mike on the Future, and more…

Mike Walsh is a speaker of Speakers Connect and he is now based in Hong Kong / Australia.  Want to inspire your team / audience on what’s next in business?  Contact us at info@speakersconnect.com for more information or to book Mike for your next event.