Mimi Kwa, Author of Memoir House of Kwa, Available to Speak in Asia

Mimi Kwa

We at Speakers Connect are delighted to share that Mimi Kwa is now available to speak at your next event in Asia

Mimi KwaWhen Mimi Kwa set out to change the world, journalism was her weapon of choice, and it has taken her further than she could ever have dreamed, to become the first Asian heritage female on Channel Nine, anchor news to 40 countries, and interview significant decision makers and notable figures from around the globe.

In her fascinating career spanning two decades, Mimi Kwa has interviewed Prime Ministers, bank and corporate CEOs, sports stars, film stars and celebrities. Her experience as a reporter, program host, and news anchor, has given Mimi rare insight into life in front of the camera in pursuit of journalistic truth — and a deep understanding of human relationships and communication.

Mimi Kwa recognises evolving our human relations is necessary for positive growth and success, in every facet of life, and is a keen explorer of the global shift in consciousness to find both our individual and collective truth and purpose as the underpinning of professional and personal balance and happiness.

In Mimi Kwa’s memoir House of Kwa, published by Harper Collins 2021, she writes about her deeply personal journey of childhood trauma, as well as her Chinese father’s large family of 32 brothers and sisters and her mother’s schizophrenia. For all the thousands of interviews and stories Mimi has told, her own multi generational sweeping family saga is undoubtably among the most compelling. Mimi draws upon her own narrative to engage, entertain, inspire and educate audiences to understand the most fundamental drivers behind evolving our human relations, in a new era of transparency and trust.

Mimi unlocks the evolution of our human relations by recruiting the art of genuine engagement, conscious communication, and personal development methods as tangible tools to takeaway.

Mimi Kwa’s journalism background and richly diverse heritage make her an outstanding Keynote Speaker, Master Facilitator, and compelling MC. Don’t miss her.

Mimi’s keynotes are:

  • Evolving our human relations
  • After dinner stories
  • Master of Ceremonies

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