More Top-Notch Speakers Joining Speakers Connect

At Speakers Connect our mission is to inspire new ideas and stimulate thought by bringing you today’s leading voices in business and management.  We search from around the world speakers whom are unique, thought-provoking and truly passionate about their messages, whom can help you deliver…

Let us introduce to you top-notch speakers who have joined us recently:

imageFredrik Haren
Creativity Guru
Sweden’s 100 most inspiring persons
Author of best-seller, "The Idea Book", which was selected as one of the "the 100 best business books of all time"



imageMike Rowse
Ex Director-General, Invest Hong Kong
Author of "No Minister & No, Minister – the True Story of Harbourfest"




image Peter Nixon

Negotiation and Potential Dialogue

Author of "Negotiation – Mastering Business in Asia"


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