Motoshige Itoh on the Abenomics

Motoshige Itoh, a member of an advisory panel to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a Tokyo University professor, talks about government and central bank policies and the yen at a recent Bloomberg Interview. Prof Itoh opins that the `very low’ Yen will rise to normal level eventually.

Motoshige Itoh

Watch the video here…

Motoshige Itoh is a Professor at the Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo, since 1993. He has served as President of the National Institute for Research Advancement since February 2006, and held the post of Dean at the Gradual School of Economics from 2007 to 2009.

Motoshige Itoh has served in various government committees, including the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning Agency, Fair Trade Commission, and others and was a member of Economic Strategy Council in 1998-1999. He has been an advisor to the Statistical Division at the Bank of Japan, and a visiting scholar at various institutions, including the Department of Economics at Harvard University, the Australia-Japan Research Centre, Australian National University, and Research Institute at the Bank of Japan.

Professor Itoh has published numerous books and papers on Japan’s economy and finance. He received his BA from Tokyo University and PhD from University of Rochester, both in Economics.