Nils Vesk: Innovation in HR

Why innovation is lacking in HR and what you need to do to make it happen. Nils Vesk from Innovation Blueprint shares some thoughts on how to make HR the innovation hub of a business.

About Nils Vesk

Nils Vesk is an expert in Innovation, Idea generation and design thinking. He is the author of the innovation book Ideas with Legs: how to generate and realise ideas (2011), the author of Life’s little toolbox: tips for a happier healthier you (2003) and co-author of Ideas: original perspectives on life and business from leading thinkers (2006).

Nils’ Keynotes, workshops and consulting provide constructable plans for organisations and individuals to take innovation from blueprint to bottom line. His clients include many of the worlds fastest growing companies and successful entrepreneurs who use his methodologies to accelerate business growth by showing them how to create brilliant ideas and where to apply innovation while making it practical and profitable.

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