Olivier Oullier – Revisiting Consumer Behavior with Neuroscience

Olivier Oullier

Olivier Oullier‘s research investigates the brain mechanisms of information processing, influence and decision making to better understand consumer behavior. As a consultant, he advises organizations globally and develops evidence-informed operational engagement and behavior change strategies.

He talks about his proprietary methodology to measure the discripancies between what people say and what they do in real life: the gap between intention and action. He also discusses how the combination of portable technology allowing to track gaze and record brain activity changes our understanding of consumer behavior thanks to data collected in retail places. Finally he explains how emorationality consitutes a new framework to understanding consumer behavior.

Watch the short video below to learn what Olivier means by “The consumer has changed. The way to communicate to consumers has changed.”

Olivier OuillerOlivier Oullier, PhD, is President of EMOTIV, the world leader in portable, scalable, and cost-effective brain measuring and cloud-based analytics solutions. Prior to joining EMOTIV, he was a Member of the Executive Committee and the Global Head of Strategy in Health and Healthcare of the World Economic Forum, a Professor of Behavioural and Brain Sciences at Aix-Marseille University and the Director of the Neuroscience and Public Policy Program at the Center for Strategic Analyses of the Prime Minister of France. Prof. Oullier’s research focuses on decision neuroscience applied to consumer and patient engagement and behavior change. Named a Young Global Leader, and sitting on France’s Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, he has (co-) authored more than 200 scientific and mainstream publications. He currently writes a column on neurotechnologies “This is your brain on business” in Fortune Magazine.

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