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Mike Walsh on Designing Your Company for the 21th Century

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, leading futurist, inspired the audience on how to design your company for the 21th Century in his recent keynote at the Nordic Delivery Conference 2017. And it is not just technology, but customer behaviour that determines the changes and developments. In his keynote called “Designing your business for the 21st century” Mike says that […]

Mike Walsh: The importance of data in the machine learning age

Mike Walsh

Futurist Mike Walsh thinks that traditional companies with large amounts of data stand to benefit if they can apply machine learning and algorithms to codify and unleash their intellectual property. In the short video below, Mike asks an essential question “In an age of algorithms, machine learning and automation, what is it that makes you, your […]

Mike Walsh: Why leaders should stop doing work, and start designing it

Mike Walsh

21st century leaders need to adjust to a world of algorithms, automation and AI. According to futurist Mike Walsh, the algorithmic leader of the future will have two key qualities – the ability to understand human behavior, and a flair for computational thinking. “In the future, it’s going to be activities not occupations that will […]

Mike Walsh: How Far Will The Next Generation Take Technology?

Mike Walsh

Leading futurist, Mike Walsh, thinks that kids born after 2007 have brains wired differently – the smartphone-babysitting adds a layer of intelligence between them and their every experience. This is not just a mobile generation. They will look at entertainment, acquire information and think very differently. Find out why Mike says “We’ve assumed that this […]

Mike Walsh in Asia in May

Mike Walsh

Leading futurist, global nomad and renowned keynote speaker Mike Walsh will be coming to Asia next month! Mike is frequently invited by Fortune 500 companies and has delivered about a thousand keynotes on the topics of innovation, disruptive technological change and more. Don’t miss this chance and contact us today to book Mike Walsh while he’s on […]

Mike Walsh in Asia in April

Leading futurist, global nomad and renowned keynote speaker Mike Walsh will be coming to Asia this April! Mike Walsh advises leaders on how to keep a competitive edge in this era of disruptive technological change and inspires teams to think of better strategies to effectively innovate. Mike believes that “Digital transformation begins and ends with human experience” […]

Mike Walsh: To be a great technologist, you also have to think like an anthropologist

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, leading futurist and innovation expert, believes that it takes the mindset of anthropologists to succeed in the use of technology and data. The greatest brands today are masters of data – they monitor, measure and constantly reinvent themselves based on the millions of transactions at the heart of their operations. But being digital is […]

Mike Walsh: Now is the time to reinvent yourself

Mike Walsh

Everyone talks about business disruption, and about innovative digital platforms like Uber and Airbnb – but is being the next technology unicorn really what leaders need to be focused on? According to futurist Mike Walsh – disruption is only the first act of 21st century business. The real challenge is learning how to transform yourself. […]

Mike Walsh: In the future, every company will be a software company

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, leading futurist, thinks that every company in the future will be a software company – whether they know it or not. Businesses today are all data-driven and making wise use of data will help determine which businesses achieve success for the long term. In the short video below, Mike gives an overview of how he […]

Mike Walsh: The secret to scaling up is to think small

Mike Walsh

How is that some companies are able to scale up rapidly to new opportunities? Futurist Mike Walsh thinks that the answer lies in the way they design small, empowered teams. Check out the short video before to get an overview of Mike‘s concept “The secret to scaling up is to think small” Mike Walsh is the CEO of […]

Mike Walsh interviewed Roy Horan: Mindfulness, martial arts and hacking creativity

Roy Horan

Futurist Mike Walsh sat down with creativity and innovation expert Roy Horan for a very insightful and enriching interview. Mike candidly admits watching (and admiring) Roy‘s martial arts skills in the movies when he was much younger. Roy talks about his many unique life experiences and how his exposure to martial arts and various cultures shaped his views today. Roy […]

Futurist Mike Walsh: How To Hire For Agility

Mike Walsh

Leading futurist Mike Walsh believes that the key to building an agile culture is to hire people who are energized by unknowns. Mike says “Agility is not speed, it is the ability to respond to sudden changes in your external environment.” Check out the rest of the short clip below to learn more. Mike Walsh is the […]

Futurist Mike Walsh on how should corporates innovate

Mike Walsh

Looking for innovation? Mike Walsh, leading futurist thinks that the best innovation are those led by customers. Mike believes that it is essential to observe how customers behave in order to find the right direction towards innovation. “Everything is changing. How we live, how we work and how we play. But to understand the future you […]

Mike Walsh Received Rave Review at TFWA Conference

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, “21st century business designer”, author and CEO of Tomorrow recently spoke at the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference on disruptive change and how companies thrive in volatile times. Mike talked about how data will reshape the way companies engage with consumers as marketing and advertising become more tailored to individuals’ needs. TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition […]

Mike Walsh Interviews Rob Lilwall on His Adventures

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh interviewed Hong Kong-based motivational speaker, Rob Lilwall on his adventures and lessons learnt. In this fun interview, Rob candidly tells Mike how he decided to drop everything to cycle from Siberia to London via China, Australia and Afghanistan. Mike and Rob also talk about overcoming obstacles, the call to adventure, and how to survive […]