Paul Niel Featured in Peak Magazine

A recent feature of The Peak Magazine was about game changers in technology, in relation to education and business. The article, written by Christy Choi, tackled Singular University and the Global Solutions Program for leaders and entrepreneurs. Paul Niel, a graduate of Singular University, passionately talked about his experiences in the intensive program.

Beyond access to 3D printers, virtual reality glasses, nanorobots and drones in their innovation lab, Paul Niel spoke of the program’s aim to rise up to global challenges. “Every day we were pushed towards using powerful technologies to solve the bigger challenges of this world, (relating to) food, water, poverty, health”, Paul Niel said. Smart sensors in hearing aids and solutions to combat the spread of Ebola are just some of the ideas welcomed and cultivated at SU according to Paul. Being the future thinker that he is, Paul Niel also talked about his hopes to bring the SU-quality training and education closer to Hong Kong industry leaders and government officials.

Paul Niel is a Hong Kong based entrepreneur, future thinker and adventurer. He supports and sponsors enterprises that use exponential technologies to solve grand challenges. He is co-founder of Peared, a lifestyle company for older adults and Luxarity, a Hong Kong based enterprise with a mission to up cycle luxury fashion. He is also an active angel and early stage investor supporting innovative businesses in Europe and Asia and is an expert for the Exponential Organisations Program.

His passion to explore the planet led him into adventures and expeditions around the globe. In 2013 he claimed the top of Mt Everest, successfully completing his quest for the highest mountain on every continent, the seven summits.

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