Peter Baines: Where are our leaders coming from?

Peter Baines

Peter Baines has spent most of his life’s work in positions of leadership, especially during international disasters and crisis situations. Peter draws from over two decades of experience and brings keynotes that inspire, engage and inform.

One of his keynotes, “Where are our leaders coming from?”, touches on diversity and culture, resilience and empathy, and the changing landscape of leadership.

Take a look at the video below for an overview of Peter‘s speaking engagements:

Peter BainesPeter Baines spent 22 years with the NSW Police in Australia leading teams into various international disaster and crisis situations.  These international deployments included:

  • Bali after the bombings in 2002
  • the Thailand Boxing Day tsunami of 2004
  • Saudi Arabia in 2010 following floods in Jeddah
  • Japan in 2011, after the earthquake and tsunami

Peter Baines is also the founder of “Hands Across the Water”, a charity aimed to bring attention to the needs of children, and support causes across Thailand such as HIV orphanage and homes for girls previously trafficked in the sex industry.

As the leader of Australian and international teams, Peter developed strong leadership skills and messages that have proved much in demand on the speaking circuit. His keynotes are so engaging and empowering that he has received several accolades including Nomination for Australian of the Year, Humanitarian Overseas medal and other national awards from the Australian Government.

Peter‘s speaking topics include:

  • Leadership matters
  • Experiences matter
  • Corporate Social Responsibility workshop/program
  • Operation Delta
  • Conference experience

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