Peter Baines: Leadership Matters

In the video below Peter Baines explores key messages of Leadership having led crisis teams following the Bali Bombings and the 2004 Tsunami…

Peter Baines

Peter Baines spent 22 years with the NSW Police in Australia leading teams into various international disaster and crisis situations.  These international deployments included Bali after the bombings in 2002, the Thailand Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, Saudi Arabia in 2010 following floods in Jeddah and Japan in 2011, after the earthquake and tsunami.  As the leader of Australian and international teams I developed strong leadership skills and messages that have proved much in demand on the speaking circuit.

The key messages of the keynotes are delivered at a contextual level, allowing the audience to identify and relate to the challenges – yet the stories are so different to their lives that they find deep interest and intrigue in the challenges and outcomes our team faced and then achieved.

During Peter’s deployment into Thailand he met a group of 32 children all of whom had lost their homes and their parents to the tsunami.  At the time of meeting them they were living in a tent.  Peter then formed a charity “Hands Across the Water” to raise money and bring attention to the needs of the children.  The charity has grown to support seven different projects across Thailand, including a HIV orphanage and homes for girls previously trafficked in the sex industry.  They have raised over $8 million AUD since inception and they have never spent a cent of donors money on administration or fundraising.

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