Peter Hacker: How to Ensure Cybersecurity While Working From Home

Peter Hacker

We at Speakers Connect are delight to present Peter Hacker, global leader in cybersecurity, digitalization, and crypto­-technology.

We live in a time when there is only one constant – change – Home office, Social Distancing and Crisis Management are not just buzzwords anymore. They are essential ingredients in the survival race. Right now the greatest challenge is undoubtedly the migration from physical to virtual presence. Given that many of us work practically 100% from home, we need to consider new ways how we expand our infrastructure while maintaining our supply chain, protecting our network and client data.

Cyber attacks, supply chain and other enterprise risks (credit, liabilities, reputation) are uncertain on the rise. They are global, travel fast and become destructive. We better stay on the front foot.

How can we ensure cybersecurity while working from home?

Below are a few questions Peter Hacker, cybersecurity expert, suggests us to pay attention to:

  • Who/which devices need(s) access to confidential information?
  • What guidelines and protocols should be made available?
  • Which data protection and date regulation standards must be met?

Peter Hacker

Peter Hacker is a global leader in cybersecurity, digitalization, and crypto­-technology; and an advisor to committees, risk committees and organizations.

Peter Hacker has two decades of global innovation, risk and technology leadership experience in the broader Financial Services (Corporate and Retail) and Communications, Media and Technology Sectors. The focus of his work and research has been for many years on top management level of leading global companies, successful midcap niche players and risk stakeholders of financial institutions (Venture Capital/Private Equity).

In the last five years, Peter Hacker advised successfully B2C and B2B across Asia Pacific (China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand), the European Union (plus Switzerland, Israel), North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile), South Africa and the Middle East (UAE, Oman, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait).

With more than 250 presentations in excess of 80 countries over the last 6 years, Peter Hacker is being considered as a thought and innovation leader in the broader Financial Services Sector. As multilingual (E, G, SP, F, P) expert he has been addressing numerous international and regional organizations as keynote speaker, for instances, the IIS, FERMA, AIRMIC, PLUS, DWIC, SIRC, SIRM, ABGR and BCP Asia. His dynamic and insightful keynote style aims at Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Crypto-­Technology developments mainly reiterating the risks and opportunities from the 4th Industrial Revolution. Peter wants his audience to understand and feel the context of the phrase ‘The Second Half of the Chess Board’ in real terms with first-hand examples and video scripts. To him, it is not just the picture that changes, but most important the entire business framework.

Prior to co­-founding Distinction.Global, an independent, stealth observatory in the Cyber Security and Innovation Space, Peter Hacker hold leadership responsibilities in Risk Advisory, Insurance and Broking Companies in Zurich, London, New York and Singapore. In this respect, his main focus has been on Communications, Media and Technology Corporations, Financial Services Companies and their respective emerging risk, technology and capital advisory requirements.

In recent years, his main advisory work ranges from mandates into innovation requirements (global distribution, risk aggregation and restructuring challenges), regulatory (GDPR requirements) and broking/insurance associations (processes and education) with regards to Cyber Risks (‘Cyber Security’), Blockchain and InsurTech/FinTech at Board or Investment Committee Level.

Peter‘s keynotes are:

  • Cybercrime: Unlocking the mystery at Board Level
  • Cybercrime and Cyber Warfare
  • Internet of everything: disruptive, global, complex
  • Digital revolution (AI): survival in the 21st century
  • Fake news, extortion and espionage in a hyper-connected world
  • The power strategy of artificial intelligence: utopia or reality
  • Social organization: Quo vadis society?

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