Peter Vessenes, Bitcoin Foundation Co-founder Speaking at Marketing Summit in Turkey

Peter Vessenes

Peter Vessenesco-founder of Bitcoin Foundation will be at the Marketing Summit 2016 in Istanbul on December 6 and 7.

The theme of the event Peter will be speaking at is “Exponential-Addictive Ideas” which explores the game-changing ideas:

We live in an exponential world. Think that, Airbnb is the world’s largest accommodation provider, yet owns no property. Facebook is the world’s largest media platform, but creates no content. Alibaba is the world’s most valuable retailer, despite having zero inventory. Uber is the world’s largest taxi company and owns no vehicles.These companies are built on addictive ideas and intelligent networks. They grow through platforms and partnerships at unbelievable speed. Imagine that every year you take a step forward.

Peter VessenesPeter Vessenes is the CEO of CoinLab, Inc. and is the Founder and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, an organisation that seeks to standardise and promote the use of Bitcoin.

A serial entrepreneur, Peter has founded multiple startups, created an international development corporation in Africa, worked in top executive positions and as a business analyst, and served as a board member for tech companies.

A popular speaker on Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency, Peter is convinced that Bitcoin can change the world. The volatility and uncertainty of Bitcoin have raised many questions that as yet have been unanswered and Peter is ideally positioned to enlighten worldwide audiences, providing clarity and insights into the Bitcoin phenomenon.

Peter provides audiences with fresh insights into the emerging world of Bitcoin and technology. He is in great demand to speak at conferences around the globe.

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