Philip Hesketh in Asia in January and March 2014

Philip Hesketh, the internationally recognized persuasion and influence speaker, will be in Asia in January and March 2014. Seize this chance to have him as a speaker at your up-coming event.

Philip Hesketh

Philip Hesketh

Philip Hesketh set up and ran his own advertising agency in the UK that had 16 consecutive years of growth from 0 to billings of £48m. He sold his business in 2003 and became a professional speaker on the psychology of persuasion and influence.

In 2010 he was awarded the ’Overseas Speaker of the Year’ for TEC Australia and ’Consistently Outstanding Performer’ award for the Chief Executives’ organisation,Vistage. He is also the current holder of the award for ‘Most Requested and Top Scoring Speaker’ for Vistage and is Visiting Fellow at Newcastle University in England.

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