Philip Hesketh Available for Speaking Engagements in Asia

Philip Hesketh.jpg

Philip Hesketh, the internationally recognized persuasion and influence speaker, has signed up for new representation. Speaker’s Connect will now handle his speaking arrangements throughout Asia, increasing his availability and accessibility throughout the continent like never before.

To say Philip knows a thing or two about persuasion and influence is an understatement. Over the course of 16 years Philip founded his own advertising agency within the U.K. and personally grew the organization from nothing into a £48m powerhouse. After successfully overcoming the many challenges inherit with founding and growing his own business, Philip sold his agency in 2003 and pursued a full time career as a professional speaker.

Philip Hesketh is available to speak on a huge variety of topics related to the subject of persuasion and influence. Philip is happy to lecture expertly on the psychology of persuasion and influence and provide plenty of practical tactics your audience can begin using immediately to improve their client relationships, their networking connections and their trustworthy image. Philip is also able to educate your audience on how to improve every element of their life (taking them from Good to Great), how to sell anything in the modern marketplace (including how to acquire new customers and how to maximize the value of every one of your clients).

Awarded the 2010 “Overseas Speaker of the Year” award and the “Consistently Outstanding Performer” award, you can rest assured Philip will provide your audience with an engaging and informative lecture. To book Philip, send a message to his new representation at