Prof Sattar Bawany Publishing the Revised Edition of “Leadership in Disruptive Times: Negotiating the New Balance” in April 2023

Prof Sattar Bawany is going to publish the 2023 Revised Edition of the Book “Leadership in Disruptive Times: Negotiating the New Balance” (Business Expert Press, New York, 2023). It will be available globally from 1st April 2023.

The book will include findings of the latest global research on resolving managerial leadership challenges in an era of constant disruption and crisis, details of which are available at

Prof Sattar BawanyAs the world becomes more complex and connected, the threat of a corporate crisis grows. There are instances everywhere: we have experienced first-hand how when a pandemic spreads worldwide, it caused massive global business disruption and a public health disaster; a corruption scandal causes a corporate leader to step down; the sudden death of a CEO without succession planning in place; a data breach shakes customer confidence; quality issues trigger a widespread product recall. These are just a few examples among many of the recent corporate crises.

The right leadership is critical for organizations to thrive in a disruptive business environment. The book aims to answer the following questions: How do organizations balance business sustainability while balancing the needs of the various stakeholders including supporting employee needs in the post-pandemic ‘new normal’? How do leaders transform their organizations to be agile, adaptive, and innovation-driven? What are the leadership skills that are required to navigate the organization successfully during times of crisis? What are the key considerations for an organization to consider as they adopt digital transformation to reinvent people, processes, and technology (PPT) in this transformative era of the digital-driven ‘new normal’ world of work?

  1. What are the megatrends of future disruptive forces that organizations need to take into consideration in their crisis management and business sustainability plan?
  2. How do organizations negotiate the new balance of ‘enterprise risk management’(ERM) with corporate sustainability?
  3. How do leaders transform their organizations to be agile, adaptive, and innovation-driven in the era of constant disruption and crisis?
  4. What are the key considerations for an organization to consider as they adopt digital transformation to reinvent people, processes, and technology in the disruptive World-of-Work (WOW)?

Prof Sattar BawanyWith over 30 years of experience in international business, executive coaching and leadership development, there is no doubt that Prof Sattar Bawany is one of the most trusted experts when it comes to international business strategies.

At present, Prof Bawany holds the following professional appointments:

  • Chief Executive Officer and C-Suite Certified Master Executive Coach of the Centre for Executive Education (CEE)
  • Managing Director & Master Executive Coach, EDA Asia Pacific
  • Strategic Advisor of International Professional Managers Association (IPMA)
  • Senior Advisor & Adjunct Practice Leader, Talent Management of Cegos Asia Pacific
  • Faculty Member of Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning
  • Faculty Member of the Duke CE Global Learning Resource Network (GLRN)
  • Adjunct Faculty & Executive Coach of ICLIF Leadership & Governance Centre
  • Adjunct Professor of Strategy at the Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM) and Curtin Graduate School of Business (CGSB)

Additionally, he has also held the following professional appointments in the past:

  • Managing Director and Talent Management Practice Leader, DBM Asia Pacific
  • Head of Transition & Executive Coaching Practice, DBM Asia Pacific
  • Business Leader, Global Information Services, Mercer HR Consulting, Asia Pacific
  • Head of Learning Services & Senior Consultant Organisational Effectiveness and Management Development (OEMD), The Hay Group, Asia Pacific
  • Head of Business Development, Forum Corporation, Asia Pacific
  • Senior Consultant, Sales, Service & Leadership Development, Mercuri International

He was awarded the 2019 Executive of the Year for Human Resources Consulting at the Singapore Business Review (SBR) Management Excellence Awards 2019. Over the past 30 years, working with clients across various industries globally, he has delivered executive coaching engagement and executive development programs to ensure C-Suite leaders’ readiness for the highly disruptive and digital-driven workplace. His earlier book titled Transforming the Next Generation Leaders: Developing Future Leaders for a Disruptive, Digital-Driven Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) was published by Business Expert Press (BEP) in 2019.

Professor Bawany has coached a range of leaders, from CEOs to high potential managers. His talks focus on encouraging individual initiative and leadership from a systemic perspective in order to achieve clearly defined business results. His specialty is linking people processes to business outcomes. Prof Bawany’s speaking topics are:

  • Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders
  • Leading and Engaging a Multigenerational Workforce

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