Rachael Robertson: Leading on the Edge

Take 18 strangers and put them in a room for 9 months, no way in… no way out. Through months of darkness, in the coldest, windiest, most isolated workplace on the planet. And you’re the leader. And you hate the cold. Rachael Robertson‘s new book Leading on the Edge tells the story of what it takes to keep people motivated and engaged, even through the long, dark winter.

Mixing narrative with real excerpts from her personal journal, Rachael takes readers on an engaging, and at times hilarious journey and provides her deep insights into what makes a great leader. The book is published by Wiley Press and will be available whereever good books are sold. Please visit http://www.leadingontheedge.com for more information.

Rachael Robertson

Rachael Robertson is a former Antarctic expedition leader, Chief Ranger and leader with 20 years of “real leadership” experience. She presents with great humour, humility and passion to audiences that value her practical, no-nonsense approach. No matter the event, Rachael will leave your audience inspired, challenged and equip to take the next step in their leadership journey.

Leading an Antarctic expedition, coordinating media during the Black Saturday bushfire event and leading teams through turmoil all required extreme leadership and the ability to inspire through tough times. As Rachael reveals using incredible and often hilarious examples, these events demanded big leadership in small moments, because it’s the small moments that build momentum.

As only the second female to lead a team at Davis Station she managed a diverse group of up to 120 people through total isolation, months of darkness, with no way in and no way out. It was a leadership laboratory in the most extreme and hostile environment on Earth, where most of the theory doesn’t apply.

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