Rasmus Ankersen’ latest book Hunger in Paradise is being released at the end of November 2016.

Rasmus Ankersen

“Hunger in Paradise – How to Save Success from Failure”Rasmus Ankersen‘s latest book to be released in November 2016.


While organizations talk a lot about how to achieve success, they talk way too little about the consequences of success. About the complacency, arrogance and resistance to change, which often follow as a shadow of success. In his new book “Hunger in Paradise” Rasmus describes how successful companies can stay successful and eliminate complacency.

From a competition perspective, the iPhone is nothing but a niche product” The famous words belong to Nokia’s CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, barely a year after the iPhone’s release. His answer came to stand as a monument to the arrogance that sent Nokia into a free fall: in six years Nokia’s smartphone market share dropped from 50% to 3%. The same people who made Nokia so successful also turned it into a gigantic failure.

In his new book “Hunger in Paradise” Rasmus Ankersen explains why succes produces complacency and he gives us the recipe for how to deal with it. Based on impressive and authentic case stories about LEGO, Coca Cola, Blockbuster, SAP, Restaurant NOMA and Nokia, he presents five lessons on how to to stay hungry in paradise and avoid becoming another victim of complacency.

Rasmus has also developed a keynote based on his research on “Hunger in Paradise”. Contact us to engage Rasmus to inspire your organisation!

Rasmus AnkersenRasmus Ankersen published his first book “DNA of a Winner” at the age of 22. The book became a bestseller, encouraging Rasmus to follow up his success with “Leader DNA” and “Raising a Winner“. By the age of 25 he had written three bestsellers. His desire to understand the code that unlocks World Class performance led him to be head coach of the first soccer academy in Scandinavia, which has produced several top international players, among them Simon Kjaer (Wolfsburg and Denmark National Team), Winston Reid (West Ham), Sekou Oliseh (top scorer in CSKA Moscow) and many more. He was also a mental coach for the Danish national youth soccer teams and has worked as personal coach for several World Class athletes. In 2010 Rasmus spent six months traveling around the world to live and train with the best athletes and coaches on the globe. The result is his first international book “The Gold Mine Effect – unlocking the essence of world class performance” which is currently on submissions to publishers worldwide.

Also in the business field Rasmus’ work has had a huge impact. He is speaking about “The Gold Mine Effect” for organizations and companies all over the world, Microsoft, LEGO, Carlsberg etc. Rasmus is advising executives how to create an environment, which fires up human potential. In his home country Denmark he has been awarded as one of the three biggest business talents and recently the prime minister invited him to contribute with a chapter to his upcoming book, which is going to define “The Danish Dream”. Today Rasmus lives in London from where he controls all his projects.