Rasmus Ankersen Talked about Talent @ CNN World Sport Interview

Rasmus Ankersen talked about talent @ CNN World Sport Interview and he was mentioned in an article from Edition CNN.

“[…]the recruitment process has potential for becoming a lot more professional,” he says. “I think businesses are way too static, they look at resumes and certificates too much.
“If you speak to a business you’ll have a hard time finding someone to explain why they are using the metrics they are using; they basically put an ad in a newspaper because that’s what everyone else does. There’s a lot of ass-covering.”
To find the best, you go to the place where it the most difficult to demonstrate the skills you are looking for, believes Ankersen.

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Rasmus Ankersen is an ex-footballer, a bestselling author, a speaker on performance development and a trusted advisor to businesses and athletes around the world. You’ll never find him in one place for more than a few days – he is always on the move, flying from city to city to do new research, advise major companies or address sold-out audiences.

With The Gold Mine Effect Rasmus has taken his exploration of the secrets of high performance a step further, becoming the only expert on the subject to have lived and trained with the best athletes on the planet. Now back in London, Rasmus is teaching organisations how to build their own Gold Mines of world-class performance, through real-life examples and result driven insights.

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