Rasmus Ankersen: The Power of Contextual Intelligence

Rasmus Ankersen, renowned motivational speaker, author and anthropologist, travelled around the world to understand the code that unlocks World Class performance. Below, you can find his insights on the power of contextual intelligence:

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I often ask business leaders: Would you prefer to hire a sales person from Apple or one from Microsoft?

The typical response is to go for the Apple guy, because he works in the most successful company. I don’t necessarily agree with that. Consider all the temporary advantages which benefit a sales person in Apple compared to a sales person in Microsoft: great reputation, strong momentum, superior products etc. Therefore my question is this: Is it possible that a great sales result in Apple indicates less potential than an average sales result in Microsoft?

Very often it is organizations that make individuals successful, not the other way around. It’s a common mistake for business leaders to misread success and ignore contextual factors, which strongly influence people’s results. What you see is not necessarily what you get.

Judgments about performance and potential should be made based on a solid foundation of contextual intelligence. Dig below the surface to learn how the numbers were achieved or what stood in the way of achieving them. Was a manager successful more because of favorable market conditions rather than because he was a competent decision-maker? Or was his success truly down to the fact that he excelled in all his responsibilities?

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By the age of 25, Rasmus Ankersen had written three bestsellers: “DNA of a Winner”, “Leader DNA” and “Raising a Winner“. His desire to understand the code that unlocks World Class performance led him to be head coach of the first soccer academy in Scandinavia, which has produced several top international players, among them Simon Kjaer (Wolfsburg and Denmark National Team), Winston Reid (West Ham), Sekou Oliseh (top scorer in CSKA Moscow) and many more. He was also a mental coach for the Danish national youth soccer teams and has worked as personal coach for several World Class athletes. In 2010 Rasmus spent six months traveling around the world to live and train with the best athletes and coaches on the globe. The result is his first international book “The Gold Mine Effect – unlocking the essence of world class performance”.

In the business field, Rasmus’ work has had a huge impact. He is speaking about “The Gold Mine Effect” for organizations and companies all over the world, Microsoft, LEGO, Carlsberg etc. Rasmus is advising executives how to create an environment, which fires up human potential. In his home country Denmark he has been awarded as one of the three biggest business talents and recently the prime minister invited him to contribute with a chapter to his upcoming book, which is going to define “The Danish Dream”.

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