Renowned Korean explorer Um Hong-Gil was a Keynote Speaker @Swiss Re

Renowned Korean explorer Um Hong-Gil was a Keynote Speaker at Swiss Re 150 Years Anniversary Event in Seoul, Korea, where he inspired the celebrated guests.

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Um Hong-Gil

Um Hong-Gil, renowned Korean mountaineer, is the first person in the world to climb all of the 16 highest Himalayan peaks. Um Hong-gil has established himself as one of Korea’s best mountaineers, but the road to success was not easy. His first Himalayan hike ended in failure, and his second attempt lost him a friend.

He was awarded the Himalayan Crown when he completed the 14 highest peaks in 2001. He is the second South Korean and the eleventh climber in the world to hold this distinction. He led successful expeditions to Everest in 2002 and 2003. He has climbed both the North and South Sides of the Everest. Um Hong-gil has stood on top of Everest three times.

He has led many South Korean summer expeditions to South America’s highest mountain, Mt Aconcagua, in Argentina. In 2007, he succeeded in reaching the summit of the highest peak of Antarctica, Vinson Massif.

Mr Um founded The Um Hong-Gil Human Foundation, a charitable organization, to build schools in the remote villages of Nepal. Um Hong-Gil created the Foundation to repay the kindness that he felt in the Himalayas.