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Richard Field

Richard Field

Being attacked by an angry Lion would be considered by many, one of the most traumatic events one could experience. In April of 1999, this is exactly what happened to acclaimed Safari guide Richard Field, whilst he was leading clients through the wilds of northern Botswana.

The quick thinking of Richards’s clients miraculously saved his life, but he was left deeply wounded with physical and emotional scarring.

At the time of the attack, it was difficult for Richard to conceive that anything positive could come from the experience. As it turns out this traumatic event was a gift that came in the form of ‘Leadership Lessons from a Lion’.

In the months following the attack Richard experienced a range of emotions including anger about the attack, guilt over his families pain, and grief over a lost future. With so many dark emotions to wade through it is no surprise that blaming an angry lion, seemed like an easier path to take.

A chance meeting a few months later was a catalyst for Richard to shift his mindset from being a victim of circumstance, to taking full responsibility for the choices he made on that fated day. This process enabled him to reflect on his experience of thinking he was going to die, and he realised that in coming close to death, he was able to understand the true nature of purpose.

Today, Richard is living out that purpose by continuing to fulfil his passion as a Safari guide – a career he once thought was over. As a highly in demand speaker, he empowers audiences with the leadership tools that enabled him to transform his life from victim to victor, not of the lion but of life itself.

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