Richard Gerver, Author of Simple Thinking, Joins Speakers Connect

Richard Gerver

We at Speakers Connect are proud to present Richard Gerver, author of Simple Thinking. 

Richard Gerver is one of the most celebrated speakers in the world. His insights into change, leadership and education are unique thanks to his own extraordinary journey, which has seen him go from being a struggling actor, copywriter and real-estate agent, to becoming an award winning school principal and now, best-selling author, award winning speaker and advisor to high performing corporate and sports organisations.

Richard emphasizes that “organisations need to remember that systems and structures change nothing, people do” and “to ensure that we get the best from those we work with, lead and serve, we must be committed to developing the communication, understanding and actions that lead to a culture of empowerment resulting in a long term demonstrable impact.”

Watch the video below to learn more:

Richard GerverInnovator, educator, advisor to the UK Government and best-selling Author Richard Gerver has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation. He argues, however, that great leadership is about serving the needs of the people that work for you and rely upon you. The three core principles that underpin Richard’s philosophy are communication, empowerment and impact.

On leaving his 20 year career in education he has worked to explore the links between great leadership, human potential, change and innovation. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for services to education and leadership by The University of Derby.

In 2011 and 2014, he was named ‘Business Speaker of the Year’ and

Richard has written three critically acclaimed best-selling books which have been translated into several languages:

  • Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today (Bloomsbury)
  • Change; Learn to Love it, Learn to Lead it (Portfolio Penguin)
  • Simple Thinking (Capstone Wiley)

He has advised governments and major corporations globally and has worked with organisations as diverse as Google, GSK, Fidelity, UK Sport, Puig, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Harrods, VISA, Technicolor, the LMA, Telefonica and The IBO.

He has also worked with elite and professional sports organisations on self-leadership and change including; Olympic and Paralympic coaches, managers and coaches in the English Premier League Soccer, Team England Golf and Professional Cricket. He has also recently worked with the British Music Industry to help them develop a capacity for forward proactive and sustainable change.

In the last few years, he has become a Non Executive Director, on the boards of two global businesses; one, specialising in training and adult education, the other , one of Europe’s largest recruitment groups.

Richard Gerver is a regular media commentator who is often seen or heard on the BBC and often works as a writer in the print media. His work has been profiled everywhere from REDES on Spanish television to the pages of newspapers on every continent.

His speeches are always passionate, provocative and humorous; thanks to his natural and honest style, which draws on his own experiences and meetings, to humanise often challenging and complex issues. He is passionate about people, their potential and the future. It is his ability to bring the authenticity and uniqueness of his own journey that has helped to win him the global acclaim, which has led to his plaudits and his invitations to speak on the most recognized stages, including TED and the RSA; even sharing a stage with Barack Obama in Madrid in 2018.

Richard‘s keynotes are:

  • Simplicity: An Uncomplicated Guide to Success
  • Change: Leading and Sustaining a Culture of Organisational Change
  • Education: Tomorrow Belongs to Those Who Prepare For It

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