Rob Lilwall – Attitudes of Adventure Motivational Talk

Rob Lilwall is a Hong Kong-based motivational speaker best-known for his 3-year Cycling Home from Siberia expedition. Rob identified, based on his 3-year expedition, nine attitudes of adventure and he exemplifies with some fascinating stories from his trip (check the video for details):

1. Treat problems as challenges
2. Set specific goals (long, medium and short term)
3. Remember we can’t make it on our own
4. Intentionally practice self-care
5. Expect the unexpected and treat change as a challenge not a problem
6. Persevere
7. Be a networker
8. Make space to think up creative solutions
9. Take calculated risks

The video presents Rob in 2011 giving his acclaimed motivational lecture to senior executives at Standard Life, a leading financial services company, in Hong Kong.

Rob’s Lilwall’s Attitudes of Adventure motivational talk from Rob Lilwall on Vimeo.

Rob Lilwall is a British-born, Hong Kong-based TV adventurer, writer and motivational speaker. His expeditions have seen him travelling on foot, by bicycle, and by boat, through some of harshest corners on earth, including the frozen wastelands of Siberia, the hidden valleys of China, and the lonely passes of Afghanistan. His two most extraordinary expeditions, Cycling Home From Siberia and Walking Home From Mongolia, were commissioned as television series for National Geographic, and his motivational talks have enthralled tens of thousands of people in Asia, Australia, Europe and America.

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