Rob Lilwall – Lessons Learnt from Cycling Home from Siberia

Rob Lilwall is best known for his epic, 30,000 mile Cycling Home From Siberia expedition. Rob’s presentation tells the tale of how as a very ordinary person, he learnt to camp at minus forty degrees in Siberia, to cross swollen rivers in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, and to survive the lonely passes of Afghanistan whilst riding the world’s slowest getaway vehicle. Using stunning photographs and videos, Rob relates such ordeals in the extreme corners of the world to the ever-growing challenges of the 21st century workplace.

Key issues addressed include:

  • Creative problem-solving when the road ahead looks blocked
  • Bewaring of the pessimists who say that it’s not possible
  • Keeping perspective and a sense of humour when everything goes wrong
  • Pressing through challenges when paralysed by the fear of failure
  • Perseverance under pressure

Below is the video of Rob’s 30-min presentation at our Showcase event recently. 

Enjoy the journey,

and the lessons…

Rob Lilwall | Cycling Home from Siberia @ Speakers Connect from Speakers Connect on Vimeo.

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