Robert Scoble – #1 authority on AR/VR Available to Speak in Asia

Robert Scoble
Robert Scoblethe #1 authority on AR/VR is available to speak in Asia!
Why is Robert tagged as the #1 authority in augmented reality/virtual reality? There are many reasons but here are just a few:
  • He wrote the three books “Naked Conversations”, “Age of Context” and “The Fourth Transformation”, that have predicted three decade-long trends
  • He was at the forefront of several technological milestones (e.g. Siri was launched in his house, he did the first live video from inside the first Tesla, he has the first video of a Google self driving car up on YouTube)

Watch the video below to see why Robert Scoble is an in-demand speaker on technology and business.

Robert ScobleRobert Scoble is the #1 authority on AR/VR.  He recently released a book on Augmented Reality and he was there when Facebook announced a big Augmented Reality strategy this week at F8.  Robert’s book “The Fourth Transformation” will give you insights on what is coming next. Want to know what Mark Zuckerberg meant by SLAM?  Ask Robert!
Siri was launched in his house. He did the first live video from inside the first Tesla (Elon Musk gave him a ride before he gave his best friend a ride). He has the first video of a Google self driving car up on YouTube. He was first to show the world many companies and technologies, like those, and Flipboard, Pandora, Instagram, and thousands of others. He’s interviewed thousands of tech company founders, and his three books, written with Forbes author Shel Israel, have predicted three decade-long trends (“Naked Conversations” predicted how businesses would use Social Media before Facebook was released, “Age of Context” predicted how wearable and mobile technology would bring new kinds of software, and his newest book, “The Fourth Transformation,” predicts how augmented and virtual reality will change every business).
As a globally in demand keynote speaker Robert delivers a rocket ride through the future of technology, and shows you how your business is about to be disrupted by mixed reality, which will bring a new user interface onto smart cities, IoT devices, self-driving cars, robots, and drones. He gives businesses an insight into how other businesses, like Sephora, Disney, and Ford, are already using augmented reality and how your business will need to change to get ready for consumers and workers who will be wearing augmented reality (or what we call mixed reality) glasses while interacting with their business.
Robert‘s speaking topics are:
  • Going Beyond Mobile
  • The Next Two Clicks of Moore’s Law

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