Robin Speculand Masterclass: How to Achieve Excellence

Robin Speculand

Robin Speculand, strategy implementation expert says that having a strategy does not guarantee success. In the our rapidly changing world, it is important that leaders know and understand how to create suitable strategies and implement them to achieve organizational excellence. He says  “It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that he’s understood how the culture will impact the implementation.”

Robin’s “H.O.W. to Achieve Excellence in Execution” is a Masterclass especially designed for leaders seeking to be the best in their fields.  It is two comprehensive days of skill-building and sharing of tools, templates and tips so that leaders can create their own implementation map that outlines strategy, action points and outcomes of success.

This Masterclass is led by Robin Speculand himself and includes case studies, videos, neuroscience-based puzzles, self-reflection and other engaging activities.

But the learning does not stop there. Leaders who participate in the Masterclass also get the following benefits:

• A framework for executing strategy in your organization
• Plan outlining what it will take for Excellence in Execution
• Support to design/review your organization’s plan
• Tips, gems, best practices and latest thinking
• Knowledge on how to leverage a phenomenal opportunity to increase shareholder value
• Soft copy of the Masterclass’s presentation slides
• Presentation of an implementation case study
• Free Excellence in Execution book authored by Robin Speculand
• Free one-year access to the world’s only strategy implementation portal


Robin SpeculandRobin Speculand, fondly referred to as the “Master of Strategy Implementation” by industry peers, is the founder and Chief Executive of Bridges Business Consultancy Int and the founding member of the Asia Speakers Association. Since Bridges first assisted Singapore Airlines in 2000, it has helped governments, multinational organizations and local indigenous businesses across five continents successfully execute their business strategies.

Robin Speculand’s years of experience makes him a topnotch speaker at international business forums, where he shares proprietary tools he developed such as the Implementation Compass. Aside from being an expert strategist and keynote speak, he is also the author of the bestselling book “Bricks to Bridges: Make Your Strategy Come Alive”, and “Beyond Strategy: The Leader’s Role in Strategy Implementation”. Robin’s work has been featured in BBC Global, CNBC and Financial Times among others. Excellence in the workplace is not the only focus of Robin’s life; Robin also excels as a die-hard ironman/triathlon athlete.

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